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Drinkthatbeer first saw the light of day in September 2017 in the neighbourhood next to the famous Place Flagey in Brussels, when we (Mathieu, Remi and Adri) decided we were going to brew our own beer.


Not too long after we all met a couple of years ago, a tight bond of friendship quickly formed among us. After a lot of crazy nights out and a lot of memorable moments shared together, we quickly realized we all share one great passion: brewing.

Our kitchens and cellars were set up, the recipes were studied, tested and approved and after countless hours of refining our idea, the DrinkThatBeer project gradually took shape. 

A project where friendship above all, and the direct valves and the touching spikes ("Shut up and drink this beer!") are DNA. 

DrinkThatBeer is also and above all recipes elaborated and refined together at home, a passion for hops, a desire to learn and share with as many people as possible.

Our vision is to be able to offer homemade beers of quality, beers that look like us, and above all, to please ourselves and you!

DrinkThatBeer is one of the founding breweries of the CoHop, Brussels' first microbrewery cooperative.


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